Three Pillars Sports Therapy, May 24 2018

Injury is not the End

Injuries can be scary at times. Especially for athletes. After the shock of the injury wears off one is left with the fear that they may not be able to partake in their chosen field of sport. I'm here today to share a little story with you. It's a story of my own injury and how I used it address particular weaknesses that could aid in recovery. 

My sport of choice is that of Olympic Weightlifting. It's a very demanding but also rewarding sport. Training is difficult and time consume. Technique is a must as we will soon see. I was performing Jerks for elevated blocks when on my second rep of moderately heavy weight I felt a sharp pain on the top of my shoulder which radiated down my upper back. I knew right away that something was wrong, and sure enough I had a small tear on the supraspinatus muscle.

Now, conservative health care would recommend staying off the injury, however to create proper cellular adaptation and recovery we must load the injury with the appropriate level of force. This can be done by stressing the surrounding tissues to create a stable platform for the injured tissue to adapt to the new stressors. The stabilizing tissue then becomes strong in order to support the prime injured tissue. 

Using a number of isometric contractions, eccentric loading and controlled articular rotations the manageable became strong with the force and load gradually increasing. Not doing anything as advised by some providers is not only wrong but will actually make you weaker as the tissue has nothing to adapt to. Injury can and should be managed by appropriate injections of force into the tissue.    

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Three Pillars Sports Therapy